Peter Brock’s last studio interview

Watch Peter Brock’s last studio interview, presented as a tribute to the late great Peter Brock on an Aussie racing show called In Pit Lane from September, 2008.

There’s something that hurts about hearing PB talking about his plans for quite a bit more racing to come after the event at Targa West where we lost a legend.

Skaife gets fired up

Mark Skaife was an aggressive driver, but he didn’t limit his competitive spirit to the race track. He’d get into on a bloody panel show too if you gave him half a chance. Never short of a harsh word or quick jab, Skaife sure knew how to let off some steam when his blood was boiling.

Watch below as Skaife gets fired up!

Skaife versus Ambrose

Back in 2005, Mark Skaife and Marcos Ambrose were fierce rivals and they didn’t mind getting their elbows out on the racetrack.

Check out some key Skaife versus Ambrose moments from the 2005 season and watch these two go head to head on and off the black stuff.