Touring Car Masters, Adelaide, Race 1

The Touring Car Masters are absolutely brilliant! They’re keeping the classic rivalries of the 60s and 70s alive in the modern day, and don’t they do a great job of throwing those beautiful cars around like they stole them?

Mustangs, Monaros, Falcons, Toranas… what more could you want?

XC Falcon versus GTO

Here’s what I know about this one…

“Eddy Tassone’s EFI 455 cube cast iron LSX powered GTO racing against his brother, Bruno Tassone’s XC Falcon – 9.09 personal best time at a recent Active Automotive test day at the Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach Western Australia, Friday 23.04.2010.”

Pretty clear which of the brothers got bragging rights at the end of this one.