Mark Skaife vs Alan Jones

Here’s an oldie from 1991 showing Mark Skaife vs Alan Jones. The former F1 man sure wasn’t messing around in this race as he used his Ford Falcon as a battering ram to get smash his way in an effort towards a potential first win in the v8 supercars category.

Skaife wasn’t a big fan of some of Jones’ steering and didn’t he let him know about it!


Touring Car Masters, Adelaide, Race 1

The Touring Car Masters are absolutely brilliant! They’re keeping the classic rivalries of the 60s and 70s alive in the modern day, and don’t they do a great job of throwing those beautiful cars around like they stole them?

Mustangs, Monaros, Falcons, Toranas… what more could you want?

XC Falcon versus GTO

Here’s what I know about this one…

“Eddy Tassone’s EFI 455 cube cast iron LSX powered GTO racing against his brother, Bruno Tassone’s XC Falcon – 9.09 personal best time at a recent Active Automotive test day at the Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach Western Australia, Friday 23.04.2010.”

Pretty clear which of the brothers got bragging rights at the end of this one.